Friday, October 2, 2009

#9 - Last Minute Resistance

No No No No No No...ummmm ok. Yes. sound familiar? Wouldn't life be so much easier if women just did what they wanted rather than try to be perceived as chaste as their 1920s counterparts? How many times does a guy need to play the 'can I come up for a cup of coffee?' card just to give her what she actually wants. Its a tiresome song and dance older than John McCain.

They dress like sluts, chug 5 litres of beer, dance on the bar, grind up against you all night and then expect to be treated like virgin princesses as soon as they step foot outside the club.

Saying no to something, only to agree to it fifteen minutes later does not make us respect you more. It affirms our suspicions that you're just as crazy and irrational as every other woman we've met before you.

If we found disguises and deception amusing, we'd have our balls cut off and read some Shakespeare. Ladies, cut the teasing and start pleasing for a change. They're all about the LMR, that's the problem with women.

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