Monday, October 19, 2009

#21 - Blindly following fashion trends

Belly tops. high waisted jeans. moo moo tops. The list goes on. Women exercise no judgment when it comes to fashion. They throw a mini skirt on over their tree stumps and immediately assume they look like Megan Fox.

Fashion over function. All it would take is for one of their favourite celebrities to go outside wearing a garbage bag for a dress, and you'd have a harem of women fighting over trashcans for their next outfit.

Britney brought back tummy rings. Shakira made it acceptable to wear hooker boots. Pamela blessed us with her ample cleavage. But thanks to miss Lindsay Lohan, the most widely spread fashion faux pas du jour is the gratuitous wearing of leggings as pants.

two words. camel toe.

While I am a fervent supporter of all things skintight and revealing on hot girls, it's the other 99% of women wearing these aberrations that I take issue with.

If your leggings are neon spandex, pleather or semi-transparent, this applies to you. If you feel a jiggle in your rear end every time your hooves hit the pavement, this applies to you. If people cringe as you waddle by, this applies to YOU.

Do us all a favor. Stop listening to those frenemies that say you look great just as you are. Be aware of your own physical limitations and invest in a real pair of pants.

Either trim down or cover up. They don't think before they get dressed. That's the problem with women.

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