Thursday, October 8, 2009

#17 - Buying Behaviour

When a man needs a pair of shoes, he walks into a store, tries a few on, and buys the first one that fits.

For women, buying shoes is a highly disruptive process spanning over many days and disrupting the lives of everyone involved.

Phase 1: Research all favourite celebrities and fashion magazines to see which shoes are in style.
Phase 2: Visit every department store, online catalogue or boutique in town and narrow choices down to two extremely similar pairs of shoes.
Phase 3: Spend the next few days agonizing over which pair to buy. There's a reason why Manolo, Christian and all the other famous shoe designers are men...women never know what they want.

And since women can never form full thoughts or opinions on their own, they will involve everyone from boyfriend to gynaecologist in the decision making process. Let's assume that a woman's time is worth the same as that of the average dunkin donuts minimum wage employee.

Phase 1: 4 hours @ $8/hr. $32.
Phase 2: 6 hours @ $8/hr + transportation. $60.
Phase 3: 5 hours*2 people @ $8/hr. $80. (assuming she's wasting the time of other equally useless women)

Just buying the two pairs of python suede gladiator boots and shutting the f#$k up so we can all get on with our lives: Priceless

They think more about what's on their feet than in their heads. That's the problem with women.

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