Wednesday, October 7, 2009

#15 - Taking Pictures

The next time you are out at a bar or at a club, take a look at the women around you:
10% will be asking you to take photos of them and their friends.
20% will be posing for the photos you will be asked to take of them and their friends.
30% will be looking at those photos and deleting the ones they do not like.
And the remaining 40% will be re-posing with their friends while you snap however many photos it takes for them all to be satisfied.

The math is simple.
1) For every hour they spent getting ready, they will need at least one good photo to commemorate.
2) For every five photos, two will make them look fat, one will be blurry, one will be missing the flash and only ONE will be acceptable.

5 photos to get one good one, one good one needed for every hour of preparation. This equation is not static across the board. The uglier the girl, the more time spent preparing, the more good photos needed, the lower the probability of achieving a satisfactory photo. Let's say three hours of preparation: 3 photos needed, 15 photos taken. Not bad.

Now, add 4 of her good from far but far from good looking girlfriends. The math starts to get complicated.

Again, each girl takes three hours to get ready. Means we need three good photos for each of them. For every five photos, each girl gets at least one veto where she absolutely hates a photo and wants it deleted. The probability that all 5 girls will be moderately content with 3 photos each is a little under 1 in 94 (3*5*(1/(20%*80%))). 2 minutes per photo including viewing and bitching. 188 minutes. 3 hours+ of constant photos. Get the idea?

When facebook first appeared, people used it so they could go out more. Nowadays, people go out so they can use facebook more. Nothing gets you to the top of someone's feed faster than a new album of pics from the night before.

That is why it is virtually impossible to eat a nice meal, go for a few drinks or even walk down the street without being blinded by the constant flashing of a camera.

And there are always those women who will have a constant scowl plastered on their face, only to magically spring to life as soon as the threatening red light of a camera flash goes off.

Why don't you stop taking pictures so you can actually have a good time instead of pretending for the camera. They're constantly snapping photos. That's the problem with women.

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  1. I love taking pictures!!!! I get the chance to think look back at them and think of all the good times I had with my friends and family!