Tuesday, September 29, 2009

#8 - Being Difficult

Women love to be difficult. Its not so much that the dressing didn't come on the side, that the volume is a tad bit loud, or that your driving is too fast. Its that unless you are making tremendous efforts to acquiesce to their every wish, women feel like they are being under appreciated.

In the movies, the man usually makes one grand gesture to prove his love and then the couple proceeds to live happily ever after.

In reality, women need constant reassurance. What this means for men is an endless array of hoops to jump through.

Its not high school anymore. Men are no longer willing to walk on fire for you just to get to second base. But women just don't seem to get it.

They always seem to feel better about themselves when they are making other people miserable. Even if its just finding a way to create 30 variations on their coffee order (venti skinny mocha non whipped sugar free latte with steamed milk not foamed and extra cinnamon on top) it makes them feel unique and special. The bigger the inconvenience, the more 'valued' they feel.

Female rationale: If a woman accepts to sit at the first table she is offered, or doesn't make a scene when you forget to open the door or let her order first, she is obviously lowering her standards and accepting to be treated like garbage.

This is the logic that leads to many an embarrassing night out. Its an all too familiar scene to hear a woman mouthing off to some waiter while her helpless date has his head lowered to the floor.

The waiters always make the mistake of asking women what they want - women NEVER know what they want

I'd prefer to sit by the window. Its freezing here, turn the heating up. My food is too hot. The menu didn't say anything about parsley. I hate parsley. The portions are always too big here. Why do they put so much dressing. My steak was overcooked. The pasta was almost raw. This place is too pretentious. You never take me anywhere nice. My ex used to take me to the most romantic italian place. I'd like to see your manager. Did you see how the waitress looked at me? She is not getting a tip. The whole $400 evening is ruined. Let's leave.

Save the bitching for the 18 cats you'll end up with. Women are always being difficult. That's the problem with them.

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