Wednesday, October 7, 2009

#14 - Jennifer vs. Angelina

Aniston Fan Attacks Jolie
A devotee of former Friends star Jennifer Aniston flew into a rage when she discovered the actress' love rival, Angelina Jolie, was dining at a nearby table in Berlin, Germany and attempted to beat her up.

It's been almost 5 years. Britney Spears flashed the world and we got over it. Elliott Spitzer was running a prostitution ring and we got over it. Roman Polanski was arrested for pedophilism and we're already over it. Yet women can't seem to put the Angelina / Jen controversy to rest.   

Don't get me wrong. It's always a relief when women are talking about actual people as opposed to characters from Desperate Housewives or Sex and the City. But it's still quite disturbing to see women become so emotionally involved in the lives of people they've never met. 

To the cardigan wearing, chamomille tea sipping Jen enthusiasts, Angelina is a homewrecking slut. 
To the tattoo clad, bitch-boot strutting Angelina aficionados, Jen is a prudish bore.
To the men that don't care but have to listen anyway, God help us.

Who you choose does more to define you amongst other women than any other single aspect of your life. Short of sporting gang colours and sparking up bar brawls, this issue has undeniably changed the world of bimbos forever. 

Lives shattered, friendships ruined, countless hours wasted in heated debate. All because of that one quintessential question. 
Jen or Angelina? 

Get your head out of the tabloids and read a real book for a change. They're too consumed with other people's lives. That's the problem with women.

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  1. Hahaha... men are similiar in some aspects. Men are by far comparable to women in the willingness to throw up their tempers if a wrong call was made during a game. But remember it is just a game. Did I just yank on some balls. Lol. As for girls taking sides in the matters of the heart... that is real life. But I agree unless you know them really know the people involved it is just like watching a game... watching the drama unfold.