Monday, October 5, 2009

#12 - Grey's Anatomy

Ugh. Greys Anatomy. Possibly the worst plot lines since Full House. But with more annoying actors. That includes Bob Saget.

With a cast that can only be switched out once a year, there are only so many permutations to work with. This means the same couples keep painstakingly breaking up and getting back together over and over again. 

The show basically chronicles the life of a whiny anorexic and her testosterone hyped up overachieving asian friend. Women like it because every episode contains more drama, queers and tears than Perez Hilton on steroids. 44 minutes elapsed, only 2 minutes to go. Cue intense music. In the next 30 seconds someone will either be dying, crying or making out like their lives depend on it.

If Grey's Anatomy were real life, Grey's medical license would be revoked for her crack addiction, the patients would all die because of their doctor's sex induced neglect, and the hospital would get sued on account of all the doctor-intern screwing around.

Garbage in, garbage out. They all rearrange their lives to watch crap on TV. That's the problem with women.

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